MANFLU Hot or Shot

Natural Lemon-Lime & Honey drink with a high dose 1000 mg Vitamin C + Echinacea and Zinc.

Attempt to create granny’s ‘secret’ recipe? Tut! Make life easy. Try MANFLU Hot or Shot.
Our amber glass 60 ml bottle has two purposes, to protect the proprietary blend inside and to enable you to drink it as a convenient ‘on the go’ shot. With 1250% RDA* of Vitamin C to help support immune function + Echinacea + Zinc. The product provides an instant comfort boost.

For the ultimate soothing boost try it HOT. Simply pour the whole bottle in a mug and add hot water from the kettle. Ready in seconds. Misery? No! Try this soothing drink.

The Facts...


- Hot or Shot contains more Vitamin C than 12 oranges

- It contains no Caffeine or Sugar and no artificial colour or flavours

Vitamin B6 is proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue

Hot or Shot is suitable for Vegetarians

- Contains no artificial comfort or sympathy

The Result?

The world’s most soothing drink – for men that matter.