To kick off the New Year we are launching a new product everyday throughout January, that's 31 NEW products! Today's new product is MANFLU's Instant Energy Tablets.

MANFLU Instant Energy


For the ultimate MANFLU Instant Energy boost.

When the world and his wife needs you, eventually the time comes when you are going to get up off the sofa, aah! Our dual formula MANFLU ‘ INSTANT ENERGY ‘ keeps you going when it matters!

This pocket sized roll of 17 natural lemon chewable tablets contains four plus doses of an advanced dual formula, to keep you going when the time has come to eventually get up off the sofa. MANFLU Instant Energy contains no artificial colours or flavours!

Providing instant energy, D-Glucose is directly absorbed into the bloodstream providing readily available energy; Vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and B5 help contribute to normal energy release. Plus, B6 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

The Facts...


- Instant Energy contains our advanced dual energy formula to keep you going when it matters

- Every tablet is power packed. 5 vitamins and D-Glucose combined

Vitamin B6 is proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue

- Instant Energy is suitable for Vegetarians and diabetics

- Just 4 tablets makes a difference, repeat the dose if necessary

The Result?

Keeps you going when it matters.