What is Co-enzyme Q10?

All of our body cells contain mitochondria which are the bodies’ energy generators often referred to as ‘the powerhouse of the cell’. However in order for the mitochondria to provide the body with energy they require Co-Q10. Co-Q10 therefore plays a vital role within the body and fact it is present in all body cells demonstrates its importance.

Sources of Co-Q10?

Co-Q10 is produce naturally in the body. It can also be obtained through food . The best sources of Co-Q10 include:

  • Oily Fish - Sardines, mackerel & herring
  • Offal - Liver, Kidney & Heart
  • Meat - Beef
  • Vegetables - Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli & Cabbage
  • Cooking Oils - Soybean & Canola

Who Needs Co-Q10?

The body’s levels of Co-Q10 decrease as we get older, therefore as you age you may benefit from taking a Co-Q10 supplement. Those people who take Statin drugs to reduce their cholesterol levels may be at risk of having low Co-Q10 levels within the body as it is thought that the drugs may have an inhibitory affect on the production of Co-Enzyme Q10. It is thought that taking a Co-Q10 supplement may help reduce the side effects of statins such as muscle pain, weakness and stiffness. One study found that taking Co-Q10 over a 30-day period reduced muscle pain in patients treated with statins whereas those taking a placebo showed no improvements. This suggests that Co-Q10 may be beneficial in preventing the side affects of statin treatment however more research is required [1].

Other Benefits?

As well as being required for the production of energy, Co-Q10 is also a powerful antioxidant which protects cells against damage caused by molecules known as free radicals.  


[1]  Caso, Giuseppe, et al. "Effect of coenzyme q10 on myopathic symptoms in patients treated with statins." The American journal of cardiology99.10 (2007): 1409-1412.