There is actually no cure for flu or the common cold. However, supplemental vitamins may be a way to support your immunity and help you fight off the symptoms more quickly.

If you’re currently suffering from a cold or flu symptoms and you are looking for smart ways to beat the bugs, read our guide for some simple tips!

Vitamin C

There are often debates on whether taking vitamin C can help you prevent a cold. However, it has not been proven to support the functioning of your immune system. Yet there are many people who reach for the vitamin C supplements at the first sign of a cold so at the very least, it’s food for thought! There have been studies that suggest vitamin C when taken as a supplement can help to shorten the length of a cold. However, these are not totally conclusive.

What does Vitamin C do?

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and antioxidant which is key for many functions within the body. Vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of bones, functioning of the nervous system as well helping to reduce tiredness & fatigue.  

Vit C is most well-known for helping to improve your immune function yet the human body does not produce vitamin C. Therefore, it must be obtained by food and supplements. As vitamin C is water soluble, it makes sense to intake it on a daily basis for convenience.

For those looking for a good vitamin C source, keep your eyes peeled for any supplement that contains bioflavonoids antioxidants. These are found in tea and citrus fruits and are a good way to help your body.


Another of the body’s key minerals is zinc. It is a mineral which helps your immune system to function properly. There has been lab research to suggest that zinc can stop cold viruses from multiplying, which could lead to the duration of a cold being decreased.

However, while there are not studies that show zinc can prevent colds, there are people who have noticed a better recovery time when they take them. Thus, if you suffer from manflu or a horrible winter cold, you may want to consider obtaining a good source of zinc in your diet.


This has to be one of the most amazing foods ever! Aside from helping with stomach issues due to its anti-bacterial properties it has also been found to help you get over the common cold by building your immunity up. A British study of over 100 volunteers who took a garlic supplement for twelve weeks during what is termed as ‘cold season’, found that they got less sick! While this is a small study many people swear by the benefits of garlic supplements to keep their immune system strong and healthy.

Vitamin E

An antioxidant vitamin, this marvellous supplement is also a good immune boost. There are actually studies that show this vitamin could actually help you to avoid getting a cold altogether. In fact, one year long study from Tufts University, trialed over 400 adults aged 65 or older. They were either given 200 IU of vitamin E a day or a placebo. Nearly 75% of the people in the placebo group came down with at least one infection (upper respiratory) compared to just 65% of the volunteers in the vitamin E group.

Immune health supplements

If you’ve got a cold or flu and you want to help your body fight it, consider some multi-vitamins or even a dose of cod liver oil this winter. It may just make things that little bit better!

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