Magnesium has been in a number of articles recently, highlighting its benefits in the diet. One of these benefits is that magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones with 67% off the total magnesium content of the body being found within bone mass. Adding to this association between magnesium and bone health, a recent study has now suggested that magnesium may help prevent bone fractures. This study was conducted by researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Eastern Finland. 

In the study researchers kept track of 2245 middle aged men for a period of 20 years. Those men which had higher levels of magnesium within their blood had a 44% lower risk of experiencing a fracture. Furthermore none of the 22 men who had the highest levels of magnesium had suffered any bone fractures. It was concluded that avoiding low serum concentrations of magnesium may be a promising though unproven strategy for risk prevention of fractures. 

Main benefits of Magnesium:  

As well as contributing to bone health magnesium also has other health benefits including: 

  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth. 
  • Supports normal functioning of muscles and the nervous system. 
  • Aids in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and helps turn food into energy. 
  • Has a role in normal protein synthesis.