MINTY FRESH – Having some mints handy will keep your breathe minty fresh after your in-flight meal. Mints also give you something to suck on help prevent your ears from popping!

USE DEODORANT- Planes can often be stuffy places especially if you have had make a dash through the airport so that you don’t miss your flight. Having a roll on deodorant/antiperspirant will stop you from sweating and keep you smelling nice.

TIE YOU HAIR UP – If you have long hair tying it up will keep it out the way and stop you from playing with it when you get bored. This will stop you hair getting greasy and keep it looking clean.

WETWIPES – If you’re feeling lethargic having wetwipes on hand to wipe your face and around your eyes will help wake you up a bit and make you feel fresh.

HAVE A STRETCH – When feeling stiff and achy after sitting in the same position for hours have a good stretch. This will help get rid of any aches and pains.

MOISTURISER – Keeping your skin moisturised with some cream will stop your skin becoming dry on a long flight. It will also make you smell delightful!

TRY AND AVOID ALCOHOL- I know it may be difficult seen as you’re off on your holidays but try and avoid alcohol whilst on the plane as this can quickly feel dehydrated. Opt for some good old H20 instead.

MOVE ABOUT – When flying it is good to get up and move around or do little exercises while in your seat as this will help improve your circulation and will prevent stiffness.

TAKE COCOGOGO – Having some COCOGOGO effervescent tablets on hand will help keep you hydrated whilst flying. These convenient effervescent tablets contain electrolytes which are important for hydration, just drop one in a you water and you are good to go. The delicious coconut taste will also get you in the mood for your summer holiday!