Portion Control:

We have all been there… first day of your all inclusive holiday and you feel as though you have to sample everything the dining hall has to  offer and end up with a mountain of food on your plate. You then devour it and then go back for seconds. This is just a case of eating for the sake of it. Try keeping to moderate portion sizes and don’t wait until you’re absolutely stuffed till you stop eating.

Try and eat your fruit and vegetables:

Whilst stopping yourself from eating too much may be difficult when on holiday, making sure you are eating your fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be as much of a challenge. Try to eat at least one portion of vegetables with every meal and eat a piece of fruit between meals. Simples!

Stay Active:

Try and break up your marathon sunbathing sessions with some form of activity. Whether it’s a few lengths of the pool, a walk along the beach or even a game of tennis, this will stop you from becoming too lethargic and help burn off that cornetto.

Drink lots of water:

Whilst on holiday staying hydrated becomes more difficult as the combination of sun and increased alcohol intake can soon lead to signs of dehydration. Try to make sure you drink plenty of water as this will not only keep you hydrated but will mean you aren’t consuming excess calories from fruit juices or fizzy drinks.

Allow yourself some treats:

If you can’t treat yourself whilst on holiday then when can you? Don’t be too restrictive when it comes to eating. Trying to suppress your cravings while on holiday is likely going to lead to an almighty binge. If you fancy a desert when you go out for a meal or an ice cream when you go to the beach, go for it. A holiday is a time to enjoy yourself... just don’t go too crazy!

Relax & Enjoy Yourself:

Holidays are a great way of escaping the stressors of day to day life, so allow yourself to unwind and give your mind a rest. You want to come home from a holiday feeling refreshed and if you are constantly on the go and your mind is going overtime your not going to reap the benefits of some time away.