Take it easy on the Tea & Coffee

When you work in an office it can be easy to over do it with the tea & coffee. When you’re taking it in turns to do the brew round before you know it you’ve had 5 or 6 throughout the day. Not only are you going to be consuming high amounts of caffeine which could potentially lead to side affects, but if you’re someone who adds milk and sugar to your cuppa this will contribute significantly to your calorie intake. 

Bring your Lunch with you

Preparing a healthy lunch the night before whether it’s a salad, a sandwich or some leftovers, will help you stay on the health train. Not being prepared and taking a visit to a local shop or supermarket will expose you to temptations in the form of crisps sweets and cakes. Not only is bringing a packed lunch going to be better for your health but its also better for your wallet.

Use your Holidays regularly

Holidays are a great way to de-stress and take your mind of work for a bit whether you go away or just spend time with family/friends  you are going to reap the benefits. Using your holidays at regular intervals throughout the year will help you to manage your stress levels.  

Get Some Fresh Air

Being in an office all day sat in front of a computer can make you feel lethargic and after a while your concentration levels may start to drop. Getting some fresh air on your lunch break will help clear your head and make you feel more awake. This will not only mean you will feel better but you will be more productive.

Keep Moving

Whenever you get chance get up and move around a bit and have a stretch. Our bodies aren’t designed to sit down all day. When sitting at a computer for extended period’s time you can end up with a bad back or a sore neck, especially if you’re not sat with good posture. Walking about and stretching will loosen up your muscles and joints and help get rid of any aches or stiffness.

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